What is the WOO ?

Noun : A shout of joy

Verb : To attract and persuade

Adjective : A bit of indescribable magic​

We are Serious about your Woo. 


Creativity and Communication are two qualities on the top of any 'future of work' skills list. They are the foundations of collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. 


Serious Woo helps workplaces to foster the best environment to cultivate what we critically need:


  • Communication skills which develop skills to both understand and be understood.

  • Creativity skills which build confidence in our own individual capability as well as allowing it to flourish in team collaboration.

All our programs and workshops include experiential components to provide participants with hands-on learning.


Our approach extends the benefits of online and traditional classroom training and will enhance your blended learning strategy. If you want to experience transformation, talk to us.


Serious Woo operates across Australia.


 How does the Woo get to you? 


As creative arts specialists, we are world heavyweights in communication, resilience,
self-awareness, and giving creativity the perseverance and love it needs.


We then weave through our combined expertise in training, corporate role play, organisational development, theatre,  facilitation, and corporate communication.


This allows us to develop training experiences that build skills and confidence.


Our method draws from the work of Viola Spolin and has a strong emphasis on spontaneaity and improvision.


Organisations enjoy impactful, professional programs which provide profound shifts within the business.


However, we come with a warning.


We do things differently and you will leave wanting more!