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Serious Woo offers workshops to reignite and reunite teams who want improve
communication and creativity.


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Workshops and events to reignite creativity and transform daily practices.

Learn to be a confident, clear, and constructive communicator.

Master complicated work life situations with our role play actors in hands-on learning


"Lights, Camera, Action"

Film Projects for Creative Vision


Looking for a fun creative challenge to engage teams, demonstrate their individual and team creative prowess and build unforgettable training content?


Lights, Camera, Action challenges teams to think laterally, experiment and redefine their creative selves in an action-packed day of movie making.


You provide the topics and we will guide your teams through the movie-making process including communication techniques, storyboarding, script writing and filming with a professional crew.


After professional editing, we finish the evening with our own film festival.


You are then left with your own employee made videos to use for training, product launches or change initiatives.


Perfect for team off-sites, conferences and any other time that a Woo day is required!  


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"Yes and !"

Creativity in the Workplace


Learn to reconnect with your own personal creativity and let it thrive at work: 


  • Remembering the creative you

  • Making room for play in the work environment 

  • Approaches to bring fresh insights into old problems

  • Creating a workplace habitat conducive to creativity

  • Making friends with failure

  • Keeping momentum, taking creativity into the innovation space

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Creativity needs both structure and unpredictability in order to flourish.



Our Creative Woo Workshops:


Introduce accessible creative practices to bring inspiration into your team’s daily work.


Reconnect you with your own creative confidence,


Provide understanding of the power of trial and error,


Reignite the possibility of fun and play in work environments to enhance innovation and wellbeing.


Creative Woo Workshops run in 2 hour, ½ day and full day modules.


Try a bite of Woo with a tasty ‘lunch and learn’modules at a special introductory rate.

"Tetris of Teams"

Creativity for Teams


Learn how to maximise and nurture team creativity: 


  • 5 important practices for high-performing creative teams

  • Generating and building on ideas and allowing them to grow together

  • Creative practices to revitalise project approaches

  • Creative practices to inspire team collaboration and wellbeing

  • Supporting and nurturing ideas in constructive environments


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Communication is the art of both talking and listening.



Do you need a place where people can learn to find their voice?


Our Communication Woo courses:


Improve listening skills


Guide you to help understand the intricacies of non-verbal communication


Refine presenting skills for large or small audiences


Support your staff to confidently deal with difficult stakeholders


Refine communication skills to support your branding


Turn your conference into an immersive event to promote memorable moments between participants 

Creative Woo Workshops run in 2 hour, ½ day and full day modules.


Try our taster ‘lunch and learn’ module at a special introductory rate.

 "Presenting You with Woo"
Authentic Presentation for Audiences Big & Small


No matter the size of the audience, presenting skills are becoming more and more refined. Learn the art of communicating your message, presentation, pitch with panache for both live and digital audiences.


  • Understand the importance of audience awareness and subconscious dynamics

  • Conquer the art of non-verbal communication to support your message 

  • Master vocal technique and body language to engage an audience 

  • Develop guidelines and tools to help manage nerves

  • Discover your personal style and ways to deliver your message within it


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"To Be or Not to Be"
Mastering Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication


We spend so much of our time trying to get our words ‘just right’ but our body language lets us down.  Master the tools that we use in our everyday communication – in this practical workshop which provides insight into your communication style and that of your colleagues.


  •  Identify verbal and non-verbal communication cues

  • Discover your non-verbal language style and how to leverage it 

  • Understand the use of status and how to use it to your advantage

  • Master challenging conversations with important stakeholders

  • Learn the secrets of reading other people and making them feel at ease



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"Discursive Disruption"

Conferences with an Immersive Element


Holding a conference and looking for something different?  


Whether it is spicing up a networking event,  courting controversy at a conference or entertaining at a Gala Dinner, Serious Woo has a team of immersive actors that can provide your conference with the fun, creative disruption you need to promote communication between your delegates


Options may include:

  • Wandering characters that mingle with guests and work to introduce delegates to each other

  • Passionate advocates who tell another side of the story at your plenary

  • MC’s with a difference. Whether you want a character, faux specialist or court jester – we’ve got what you are after. If you can think it - we can make it happen!

Speak to us to create some Serious WOO for your next event.


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"Critical Conversations"

Getting your teams talking.


Avoiding critical conversations within the workplace can be both detrimental to workplace safety and productivity. Mastery comes from experience.


Serious Woo provides high impact experiential course which deals with the most complex workplace subjects including performance management, giving and receiving feedback and negotiation skills.


  • Approaching contentious issues – the do’s and don’ts

  • Communicating in clear messages 

  • Practice and learn from adverse reactions

  • Dealing with fight or flight

  • Recovering from conflict

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"Customer Experience"
Master best practice customer communication. 

Provide the most true-to-life experience for your employees to refine their communication and influencing techniques on your most challenging stakeholders.


  • Assess and streamline customer experience to ensure quality and branding

  • Rehearse and perfect sales techniques and customer interactions

  • Follow customer journey to ensure positive experience end-to-end

  • Use your own business model/customer framework

  • Hear in-depth valuable feedback from your ‘customers’


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"Embracing the Elephant"

A risk-managed approach to workplace mental health conversations.


Gain confidence and clarity around leading mental health conversations. This workshop is designed to ensure that participants leave with the skills they need to effectively support and encourage colleagues to seek further assistance as well as support their own wellbeing.


  • Understand the symptoms of common mental illnesses

  • Practice recommended approaches for specific behaviours and situation

  • Gain the confidence to initiate conversations around mental health


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Practice is the antidote to our lost communication skills through technology and a rapidly changing workforce.


Master new skills in true to life situations with professional corporate role play actors.


Is your team struggling to find the words around issues such as mental health, performance management and feedback?




Serious Woo’s point of difference is three-fold:



Our team of role play actors are highly experienced and we are committed to on-going training and mentoring 



We are committed to selecting the most appropriate team members for your workshop objectives



Our team has been trained in Serious Woo’s feedback approach, which ensures that feedback is constructive, contextual, and participants appreciate how the actor felt during the course of their interaction.

Please get in touch to book our diverse troupe of corporate role-play actors or let us know how we can help realise your workplace solutions.

Experiential Woo Workshops run in 2 hour, ½ day and full day modules.