Our role play
actors mean business.

Corporate role-play actors require a special kind of skill.


While they create true-to-life experiences, they also ensure that situations are pitched at the level of complexity required for the individual needs of each participant.


We often call this 'anti-acting'.


Our troupe has diverse organisational experience we assign to your needs.

Lawyers, nurses, emergency service experts, customer service managers - lived experience to create truthful training experiences.


We have a wide range of corporate role-play actors in Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane travelling across Australia.


Our acting troupe was selected through a rigorous audition process and has ongoing training and mentoring to ensure they provide impactful experiences.

Looking for high quality,
reliable corporate role play actors?

We provide  both scenario design and actors to organisations and facilitators to reinvigorate content and improve learning outcomes:

  • Completely immersive experiences to provide the "closest to real" you can find

  • Forum theatre offering audience participation in large groups

  • Small group scenarios allowing for observation and direct practical skills

One-to-one role-play testing skills in intensive environments


Recent examples with our clients include:

  • Sexual harassment and predatory behaviour

  • Customer service 

  • Critical Conversations 

  • Mental Health Conversations

  • Philanthropy development

  • Unconscious bias

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