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Serious Woo…. strange name……...... I like it……………..

Who’s Serious and who’s Woo?

Three years ago it started like any relationship. A chance meeting. A spark. A history created.

A dear friend in the UK was the instigator of this most auspicious blossoming. Having known Trudi had moved to Melbourne - he set up a ‘blind date’ with Kate to expand her friendship circle with a lady of similar ilk.

They met. They drank coffee (they are in Melbourne after all). They talked of their triumphs and doldrums. The challenges that they both met in their work.

It was human curiosity that led them both into our fields. Kate, as a communications strategist eager to improve the workings of a business by putting less onus on process and more respect when dealing with employees and customers, and Trudi, an incessant urge to uncover how people tick through story-telling and performance as an actor.

Both of them realising a simple truth: Each human is very different. Each human has their own ‘communication kit’. Most humans look for external advice rather than taking the time to create an awareness of how they work, what they do and how they can change things.

They had been raised in a traditional learning environment. Read. Listen. See. Absorb. But time and time again, this has proven ineffectual to longer lasting results.

They sat. They stared. They thought.

Then Kate spoke. ‘Well - we should go into business together’. And like that - the clouds opened, the harps chimed, the cherubs danced….ok, none of that happened.

But they did nod. In agreement.

And so it was. The caffeine friendship bloomed into some very Serious Woo.

But like all stories - no triumph comes true without work. The ladies spent a year. Devising. Planning. Connecting. Getting to know each other. And as time grew and the business developed, it became clear to them both that this partnership had magical qualities. The woo between them was strong and this was a business that was ready to succeed with the drive of two passionate women.

And it’s exciting to see. Creativity and Communication are the sort after soft skills that lead to “better everything:” in our teams. Experimental learning has the ability to transfer the participant from a passive observer to a pro-active self educator as they utilise the skills they have within them and then adjust them accordingly.

It’s remarkable to watch as people realise they physically avoid confrontation, or mumble when they are under pressure, avoid eye contact if they feel powerless or use a barrage of negative words when nervous.

And this is the power of learning by doing. It transforms people and opens their eyes to their own possibilities. It empowers people to make changes that help them both professionally and personally and it opens up a channel for them to start to understand their own unique communication make up.

To thrive Serious Woo has required the following:

  • The openness to do something different

  • A supportive culture where one can make mistakes

  • A playful nature allowing for experimentation

  • A ‘Yes and” mindset

  • The ability to have uncomfortable conversations

We are learning and doing as we go and we are so grateful to collaborate and learn with those who have worked with us along the way.

This was some Serious Woo.

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