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Monash College - Confidence and Empathy in Critical Conversations

As a pathway to Monash University, Monash
College prides itself on its ability to support and
communicate with its students from diverse
cultures. Sometimes this involves courageous
conversations. Serious Woo teamed up with
leading behaviour specialists En Masse to
create an experiential component of giving and
receiving feedback and difficult conversations.
Providing scenario development and
specifically trained actors – we delivered
sessions of true-to-life scenarios for staff,
colleagues and managers to experiment with
courageous conversations and improve
communication and confidence around

feedback, mental health, work policies and per-
formance issues.


Using actors, role play, group feedback and discussion, participants were given the

opportunity to practice the learnt techniques with an actor. Their peers observed and

provided post-scenario feedback and observations.

This gave each participant advanced learning by:

  • Participating in active listening and skills training with an actor in a scenario

  • Learning collaboration through observation of peers’ role play

  • Becoming a scenario observer, further opportunity for colleague feedback

  • Staff have communicated a greater confidence

    in addressing mental heath conversations in the


  • Awareness of how to initiate a courageous


  • Increased ability to actively listen

  • Improve confidence and articulation of


  • Address mental health concerns empathically

    while remaining within work guidelines

  • Discuss performance feedback and refine

    active listening

The day was so amazing. Engaging, real world examples and the actors feedback was insightful and spot on! I have never been in training where almost everyone loved the role plays best!

Program Feedback, HR Manager, Monash College

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