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Victoria Police - Improving Internal Communication

In an organisation as vital as Victoria Police, communication is critical, as is the care of staff. With a hierarchical structure, how do constables give feedback to the boss or colleague effectively? How does a commander approach a mental health conversation with one of the squad whilst respecting company protocols?

Serious Woo collaborated with workplace change behaviour consultants En Masse to provide a learning environment that challenged, stretched, and developed communication skills within squads.

We developed true-to-life scenarios with experienced actors who immerse themselves in the culture and provided valuable learning experience through role play and forum theatre.

With communal discussion and group feedback, each brigade member had a mixture of theory and practical guidance to arm themselves with the tools to be more collaborative and confident communicators.

Training Difference

Serious Woo worked alongside En Masse to ensure that the training methodologies and experiential learning component complimented each other. Providing true-to-life scenarios and nuanced actors, Serious Woo provided Victoria police with a realistic learning experience and eye opening learner-led lessons.

Each participant left the workshop with an understanding of how they responded in critical conversations and what steps they need to take in a practical sense to ensure the learning was embedded in their everyday working environment.

These learnings were reinforced with forum theatre as well as video content that the Serious Woo team was involved in delivering.

Post Program Evaluation

  • Quantified the feedback response from the

    participants and expanded the program into

    other departments.

  • Noted daily changed in the awareness of their


  • Engaged Serious Woo to expand into their

    ongoing L&D program around mental health

  • We continue to foster and develop an evolving

    relationship with Victoria Police in multiple departments.

Program Objectives

  • Identify communication stumbling blocks and

    how to overcome them

  • Manage critical conversations with colleagues

    and managers

  • Understand and empathise with brigade squad

    whilst still remaining true to the policies of

    Victoria Police

Often people just want acknowledgement and understanding. We break down the drivers of emotional behaviour so participants learn how to identify these, manage first hand, and experience success.

Joy Stewart, Associate, Serious Woo

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