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Ward Medication Management - Improving Stakeholder Management In Aged Care Settings

As Australia’s leading clinical pharmacy company, Ward Medication Management (Ward) has been integral to aged care facilities and residents by providing medication guidance through GP or Aged Care referrals.

With 30% of all seniors hospital admissions due to medication mismanagement, Ward engaged Serious Woo to design a workshop to train pharmacists in key communication skills essential to the success of its optional premium product ‘Thrive Procare’’.

With personalised medication monitoring, Serious Woo designed a workshop focusing on nurturing
relationships, building trust, and understanding the sector and the stakeholders within it.
As the role of treating pharmacist is relationship based, and often autonomous, this workshop
suited the key requirements of Ward – an experiential workshop that was hands-on, and whose vital communications skills could be accessed anywhere.

Training Difference

Serious Woo addressed the key concerns through two highly participatory workshops combining a mix of individual and group activities.

Using Kolb’s experience learning framework, the exercises touched all bases of the learning cycle. To expand the learning of autonomous employees, we bonded national pharmacists through active tasks and robust conversation. The collaboration continued through group learning in ‘real life’ scenarios.

Participants needed to make choices on how to approach different situations and later reflect on what went well for them and what they needed to work on. This ‘self-determined’ learning is highly personal and more greatly retained.

Post Program Evaluation

Following the program, Ward reported the following growth:

  • Increased confidence with staff in building

    honest long term relationships.

  • Clarity of communication around the program

    resulting in more participation of the program

  • Positive behavioural change in understanding

    their stakeholders

  • We continue to work with Ward in the growth of

    ‘Thrive Procare’ to develop communication skills

    with newly recruited pharmacists

Program Objectives

  • Build trust and nurture ongoing relationships

  • Confidently articulate the value of package

    and manage concerns

  • Understand and empathise with the specific

    challenges of each demographic group

‘My favorite elements of the program were the interactive learning experience and feedback on different ways to approach conversations. The perceptiveness of the actors and educators was invaluable’

Adam Stormont, National Operations Manager, Ward.

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