Where there’s a woo,
there’s a way.

Foster a love of workplace learning by empowering your team a little differently.


Our Services

Courageous Conversations Workshop


There’s a serious gap when it comes to people feeling capable and confident to have awkward conversations at work. 

And Serious Woo wants to help you fill it. With specialised facilitators and corporate actors, your team learn first-hand how to identify problem areas, develop leadership skills, apply peer coaching tools, and master practical communication. Tackling topics ranging from wellbeing to bullying, safety, performance, behaviour, and more, you’ll gain the insight, courage, and resources needed to have challenging conversations in the workplace with confidence.

Our Conversation Clinics are an excellent add-on to our Courageous Conversations Workshops or can be utilised as a once-off service for a specific topic you require professional support with. From mental health to diversity, inclusion, and performance – give your team the confidence to have complex or taboo conversations in the workplace. 


We deliver individual and group coaching clinics with specialised facilitators and corporate actors who observe and provide valuable feedback. 

Conversation Clinics

It’s time to address the elephant in the corporate room.


Team Time

The team building sessions of yesteryear are obsolete – it’s time to shake things up a bit.


From bite sized virtual sprints to workshop tasters or long term value-adds, the Serious Woo team delivers circuit-breaker creative sessions where divergent thinking is celebrated, routines analysed, cognitive behaviour unpacked, and creative intelligence released.


In a world where working-from-home is the new norm, rediscover those social moments we all crave. Create connection, bridge the proverbial gap, and build healthy cultural habits with online or in-person team sessions you'll love.


Serious Woo takes the information you want to convey and turns it into modern, memorable, and effective learning mediums.


We deliver bespoke instructional design and content development, whether via workshop or e-learning format. Think virtual reality platforms to train chefs, simulated technology to prepare a community for fire season, or immersive inductions for new employees where they can virtually ‘walk’ through a new workspace from the comfort of their own home.

& Program Design


In a digital world, PowerPoint just doesn't cut the mustard.


Keep your team engaged and connected in a digital world by designing the most memorable online programs imaginable. Our virtual facilitation masterclasses help trainers and facilitators transition their internal workshops and meetings from face-to-face to digital.


In a world of disconnect, we arm you with a toolkit of resources, inspiration, insight, and technical skills so you can design and deliver exceptional, energetic, and effective online content with confidence.

Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

Transforming dull digital content, one masterclass at a time.


Creative Intelligence Workshop


Creativity is innate in all of us. And by nurturing and reinforcing creativity, incredible results and cultural change occurs.

Creative intelligence is the process of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Our playful experiential learning programs give your team the insight to perceive the world and their environment a little differently, the education to understand the role creativity plays cognitively, and the confidence to become an innovative and influential workplace contributor.