What is this ‘WOO’ you speak of?

Noun: A shout for joy
Verb: To persuade or attract
Adjective: A vibrant dash of magic


We Are Serious About Your Learning

We love helping you find the woo within. Leaders discovering their value, teams reconnecting with creativity, individuals harnessing powerful communication skills, and businesses bridging the gap between policies and reality.


With a dash of research, a pinch of creativity, and a healthy serving of the most immersive programs and designs you’ve ever experienced, you’ll discover a fresh and innovative way to drive cultural change. We want you to be proud of who you are, how you work, and what you deliver.

Ready to discover how?

To reinvigorate your workplace, we empower your team a little differently.

A Bit About Us

Serious Woo is a disrupter of workplace sadness.


We help people and businesses thrive through unique experiential learning experiences. Our programs are delivered by a team of corporate actors, specialised facilitators, coaches, designers, and researchers.


Our workshops are where the magic’s at – building confidence through true-to-life learning and leadership simulation connecting theory to the real world. Plus, we also do virtual facilitation, creativity training, and workshop design too. Central to our client’s success stories is the research behind our programs, the vibrancy of our delivery, and our scenario based coaching techniques.



We partner with the best to deliver the best. Here’s a taste of some of our co-designed programs created with a little extra dash of woo.


IFEL is a global experiential learning institute empowering people through four-dimensional learning methods, driving collective creative intelligence. Serious Woo partners with IFEL to deliver co-designed programs brimming with creativity and all the tools and resources you need to make enduring cultural change.

inclusion_work draft 2 - tagline.png

Inclusion @ Work is a boutique consultancy firm focusing on diversity, inclusion, workplace investigations, mediations, and cultural change. Combining forces, we deliver Courageous Conversations Workshops – tackling awkward workplace topics such as gender equality, safety, performance, and sexual harassment.


FGMNT is a tech software giant developing first class augmented and virtual reality apps and tools around the globe. As the preferred learning design partner for FGMNT’s award winning SITU360 interactive VR creation platform, Serious Woo delivers training courses, inductions, and workshops via the power of virtual reality.


As Australia’s first health tech eco-system, Connect Pysch Services is a holistic, data driven, mental health service provider for businesses. Together with Serious Woo, we deliver Employee Assistance Programs addressing life’s disruptions and creating a resilient, collaborative, and more productive workplace.


Kate Crawshaw

I found my woo early in life. It began in the arts, was nurtured in the land of communications, and harnessed when I deep dived into strategy and creativity in the corporate world. Yet, somewhere along the line, my woo got lost. My voice, my creativity, my ability to unite my team...all missing in action. As a lifelong learner (and big believer that learning needn't be boring), I knew if I could motivate, educate, and inspire myself to do and feel better, I could help others do that too. So, with audacious determination, I brought together a collective of eclectic and talented individuals and established Serious Woo to bring some effective, fun, creative-based learning back into the workplace.


I’ve spent the past two decades spreading the woo in instructional design and experiential learning (which you can read further about here if you’re that way inclined). But what you really need to know is what I bring to the table – which is a kaleidoscope of people, creativity, education, research, innovation, and cultural change programs as unique as they are effective.

Erica Edmands

An accomplished lawyer working at the pointy end of workplace disputes, Erica knows a thing or two about human resources, diversity, and inclusion within the corporate space. Research driven and change focused, Erica’s insight and skills run deep in the workplace from gender equity and discrimination to misconduct and driving courageous conversations.

Corporate Actors & Facilitators

We have a diverse, creative, and exceptionally talented team of corporate actors and specialised facilitators helping drive our experiential learning programs.