The Experiential Difference

True-to-life experiential learning is the way of the future – it’s memorable, transformative and it works. Using specialised facilitators and trained workplace actors, we tap into individual learning styles to deliver with research-driven flair. Add a little Woo to your up-skilling world and experience the difference.

Conversations, Leadership, & Team Connection

There’s a serious gap when it comes to people having critical conversations at work, and it's costing businesses and people immensely. Connect, develop leadership skills, master courageous conversations, and gain the courage you need to build a team and culture with brilliance.


Serious Woo helps bring teams to peak performance through unique experiential learning programs and situational roleplay.

Engaging workshops that
help manage risk and build Serious profitability. 

Virtual, Visual & Creative

Our learning and facilitation methods run deep to help you stay afloat in a digital world. Whether you want to bring policies to life or add a creative edge to your programs, you can choose the design that’s right for you – be it face-to-face, video, online, VR or via our infamous ‘nudge’ soundbites.


learning just got 


Team Time

Connecting teams with energy, zest, and creative spice


Courageous Conversations Workshop

Tackling taboo subjects in true-to-life style

Our Services

Are you and your business ready for a bit of woo?

Add a bit of sunshine to your life and organisational learning with our experiential programs, design assistance, and ready-to-roll workshops.


Creative Intelligence Workshop

Turning new and imaginative ideas into a reality


Workshop & Program Design

When PowerPoint just doesn’t cut the mustard



Addressing the corporate elephant in the room


Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

Transforming dull digital content, one masterclass at a time


Fill the knowledge gaps & stop the knowledge lapse.

We lose up to 70% of what we have learnt from a workshop in 24 hours. Our structured planning and prompts between sessions keep the messages front of mind.

Then, to genuinely embed and retain learning, our post-workshop activities are where the magic’s at. 

PowerPoint is so passe. It’s time for change.

Virtual training needn’t be a bore fest. Step out of the box and reclaim some workplace happiness.

Think connection, laughter, movement, collaboration, virtual reality, podcasts, video, augmented reality, and more.


Clients Who Have Been Wooed

Big and small, far and wide, we’ve partnered with a bunch of fabulous organisations along the way.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Allow us to woo you over the phone, email, zoom, in person

– whatever floats your boat.