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Life’s too short for a stale workplace.

Cure it with a dash of research, a pinch of creativity, and a healthy serving of immersive programs.


Our Case Studies

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The Problem

Parks Victoria

 Navigating Challenges and Fostering Resilience: 

In 2020, Parks Victoria faced unprecedented challenges with the devastating fires and the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 1100 employees distributed across Victoria, the People & Culture department found itself in a critical position, requiring rapid intervention to foster cohesion and leadership within their team.

The Challenge

Parks Victoria, like many organisations, was grappling with the aftermath of the 2020 fires and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The People & Culture department identified the urgent need for enhanced cohesion to effectively lead their valuable team through these challenging times.

Parks victoria

Our Response

Recognising the urgency and importance of the situation, Serious Woo collaborated with Parks Victoria to complement their existing Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy.


We devised and implemented a comprehensive solution, centred around Courageous Conversation Workshops and Conversation Labs.

Partnering with Inclusion @ Work, our approach aimed to harmonise processes and build confidence among the People & Culture department, enabling them to navigate difficult workplace conversations more effectively.

The Challenge

Client:  City of Darebin

Service:  Courageous Conversations

Darebin Council have a range of potentially complex and emotive community consultation projects to deliver in 2022-2023. Prior to ‘going out’ to engage with the public, the community engagement team were keen to equip staff required to engage, with the skills and confidence to interact with their local communities in a range of settings . 

How We Solved It

Serious Woo was invited to work with Australia’s largest community engagement consultancy Capire, to design a practical one-day workshop that helped practitioners identify their communication style, understand their individual blindspots and how to manage them as well as learn practical skills to ensure community members feel heard and supported. 


Participants were then invited to put these skills into practice through a number of “real life” scenarios with Serious Woo actors transforming their theoretical understanding to the confident “knowing I can do this”.

Project teams who don’t often interact with the community in their day to day work can be reluctant or nervous about engaging on a topic that is potentially going to be complex or emotive.  The training was designed to provide real live scenarios in a supported environment to understand and prepare for their own response.

Untitled design (53).png

The Outcome

Approximately 40 staff from across a range of disciplines came together over two sessions (one online and one in person) to undertake the training and prepare themselves for future consultations.

Participant feedback : 
“The use of actors as residents was great, and doing active role play was an invaluable way of testing the techniques we had learnt.”
“I thought the emphasis on learning techniques to help control and manage a difficult conversation were really useful.”

The Problem

Client:  DELWP

Service:  Workshop & Program Design

DELWP was primed to deliver its face-to-face large-scale framework (addressing damage caused to Victoria’s health and emergency services following toxic landfill, chemical waste, and recycling issues) when COVID hit.

Needing the framework to come to life ‘virtually’, Serious Woo came to the rescue.

How We Solved It

Central to our solution for DELWP was to ensure participants were so absorbed in the virtual framework they felt like they were there in real life (not learning from their home office). Our program revolved around an emotive and immersive audio journey (motivating and reminding people of the critical nature of the training) and a 360-degree virtual reality platform transporting participants to the heart of a disaster zone where users could investigate a hazardous space and surrounds as if they were right there.


This type of world-leading, virtual learning not only improved content retention and engagement of DELWP participants, but also turned passive consumers into active, experiential learners who could interact and learn in an exciting and cost-effective approach.


The Problem

Client:  BUPA

Service:  Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

With over 60 aged care homes across Australia, Bupa sought a unified and modernised approach to their internal workshop facilitation.

Seeking a ‘train-the-trainer’ version of their Facilitation Masterclass, Bupa needed an impactful and effective virtual and in-person workshop design.

How We Solved It

Delivering our solution via three 90-minute virtual workshops, Serious Woo approached this grand scale project with enthusiasm. Central to our coaching of Bupa’s trainers was ensuring they had a firm understanding of pre-training education, how to provide a safe environment for their team, maintaining energy and engagement, and understanding different learning styles.


Together, we broke down the micro-behaviours and technical skills of a great facilitator, pitch techniques, and how to approach challenging situations - ultimately instilling confidence amongst the Bupa leaders so they could become training and facilitating extraordinaires.


By inserting some structure, excitement, and insight into Bupa’s training workshops, the organisation was able to run consistent and successful training sessions moving forward.

- Regional Manager, Courageous Conversations
"It is funny what you don’t know you need until it is put in front of you, so thanks for bringing this program to us as we need it as much or more than any organisation I know."
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