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Workplace learning just got serious.

Fresh, innovative workplace learning programs that don’t just build knowledge and skills
—but deliver enduring cultural change


Our Services

Courageous Conversations Workshop

courageous conversations

For when team members avoid the tough but important conversations at work

A lack of critical conversation skills is costing your organisation in performance, productivity and people. This group workshop will give your team insights and skills to have effective, empathetic, and results-driven conversations—even in the most challenging of situations. 


Our specialist facilitators and corporate actors coach participants as they practice essential communication and leadership skills in true-to-life scenarios. Topics are customised to whatever your team is facing including mental health, bullying, safety, diversity and inclusion, performance management, providing feedback, navigating customer disputes or community engagement and more.

Just-in-time skills and support to help team members face challenging conversations and tackle that elephant. 


Working with a coach and actor, participants can practice challenging conversations before they happen. These clinics provide a safe and supportive space for team members to try different approaches, gain feedback about their communication style and build their leadership skills. 


One-off or regular clinics are perfect for a whole bunch of scenarios including preparing leaders for performance review conversations, helping customer service teams manage disputes and more. Included in the Courageous Conversations workshop, conversation clinics can be delivered as a stand-alone, 1-hour session to small groups or individuals.


Courageous Conversation Clinics

For when team members need practical coaching to help them address the elephant in the room.

Conversation Clinics
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Team Foundations Program

For when individuals need to come together as a dream team

Strong teams are built on a foundation of collaboration, creativity and accountability. With the Team Foundations program, we help your team build this foundation by developing shared values and language, constructive conflict management skills and an appreciation for individual differences and contributions. 


Through a series of workshops and a range of diagnostic assessments, experiential activities, discussions, and exercises we explore and develop your team’s capacity for psychological safety and its shared values, behaviours and norms. Leaving your team with a plan to build on and reinforce the foundation that makes your culture great.

Team time

Serious Woo takes the information you want to convey and turns it into modern, memorable, and effective learning mediums.


We deliver bespoke instructional design and content development, whether via workshop or e-learning format. Think virtual reality platforms to train chefs, simulated technology to prepare a community for fire season, or immersive inductions for new employees where they can virtually ‘walk’ through a new workspace from the comfort of their own home.

& Program Design


In a digital world, PowerPoint just doesn't cut the mustard.

workshop design

Keep your team engaged and connected in a digital world by designing the most memorable online programs imaginable. Our virtual facilitation masterclasses help trainers and facilitators transition their internal workshops and meetings from face-to-face to digital.


In a world of disconnect, we arm you with a toolkit of resources, inspiration, insight, and technical skills so you can design and deliver exceptional, energetic, and effective online content with confidence.

Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

Transforming dull digital content, one masterclass at a time.


Creative Intelligence Workshop


Creativity is innate in all of us. And by nurturing and reinforcing creativity, incredible results and cultural change occurs.

Creative intelligence is the process of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Our playful experiential learning programs give your team the insight to perceive the world and their environment a little differently, the education to understand the role creativity plays cognitively, and the confidence to become an innovative and influential workplace contributor. 

creative intellegence
virtual masterclass
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