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What is this ‘WOO’ you speak of?

Noun: A shout for joy
Verb: To persuade or attract
Adjective: A vibrant dash of magic

The world of work needs a radical shift

We’re here to make shift happen

Now more than ever, organisations need to be creative and agile in the face of our changing world. We need teams that connect meaningfully and communicate powerfully. And people who have courage, confidence and a dash of ‘woo’.


We’re here to help leaders discover their creativity and influence, teams connect with their values and each other, and individuals develop their courage and communication skills.


We’re here to help organisations overcome change fatigue, apathy, disconnection and underperformance so they can build profitability, better manage risk and have a bigger impact on the world.

The Serious Woo way

Disrupting workplace learning bleurghs
one program at a time


Our unique experiential learning programs are delivered by an engaging and experienced team of corporate actors, specialised facilitators, coaches, designers, and researchers.


Our true-to-life activities and leadership simulations connect theory to practice and build confidence and creativity. 


Our research-focused approaches, our vibrant delivery, and our practical, scenario-based coaching techniques are key to our bleurgh-disrupting mission.

Take care—

We take care of the people who work with us because we care about their safety, their success and their impact on the world.

Show courage—

We lead with courage in all aspects of our work. And we actively celebrate the courage it takes for people to willingly learn and grow when they participate in our programs.

Better together—

We value the power of the collective, the importance of connection and the ripple effect of small positive changes.

Get woo—

We’re always up for trying new things and working in new ways. We find space for fun, creativity, play and good times at work and in our workshops (woo is not just permitted, but encouraged).

But be serious about it— 

We do serious thinking, serious research and have a serious commitment to results because we take the work we do and the impact we create seriously (ourselves? Not so much).

Partners & collaborators

We partner with the best to deliver the best. And our co-designed programs are created with a little extra dash of woo.



We partner with IFEL, a global experiential learning institute empowering people through four-dimensional learning methods, driving collective creative intelligence. Together we deliver co-designed programs brimming with creativity and all the tools and resources you need to make enduring cultural change. 


inclusion_work draft 2 - tagline.png

Culture & Inclusion

We collaborate with Inclusion @ Work, a boutique consultancy firm focusing on diversity, inclusion, workplace investigations, mediations, and cultural change. Together we deliver Courageous Conversations Workshops – tackling awkward workplace topics such as gender equality, safety, performance, and sexual harassment.


Technology & VR

We combine our forces with FGMNT
a te
ch software giant developing first-class augmented and virtual reality apps and tools around the globe. We’re the preferred learning design partner for FGMNT’s award-winning SITU360 interactive VR creation platform, and together we deliver training courses, inductions, and workshops via the power of virtual reality.


Mental Health

We work with Connect Pysch Services is a holistic, data-driven, mental health service provider for businesses and Australia’s first health tech ecosystem. Together we deliver Employee Assistance Programs to address life’s disruptions and create a resilient, collaborative, and productive workplace

Kate Crawshaw  - 1 (6).jpeg

Meet our founder
Kate Crawshaw, Experience Director

At Serious Woo, Kate brings together a kaleidoscope of people, creativity, education, research, innovation, strategy, communication and cultural change programs as unique as they are effective. 


Since founding Serious Woo in 2017, Kate has worked with leaders and organisations to build dream teams and to deliver genuine, and much-needed change, to the world of work.


Kate combines specialities in instructional design and experiential learning with corporate experience and commercial acumen. And she adds a touch of creative woo to everything she does.


Her serious skills and credentials include a Certification in Experiential Learning from the US Based Institute of Experiential Learning where I’m also a faculty member and affiliate. Accreditation in the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0. Accreditation as a Team Learning Report facilitator. A Certification as a Fearless Organization Scan practitioner. A Bachelor of Arts with honours in French and European politics. A postgraduate degree in PR. And a Cert III in Visual Design. 


And her woo skills and credentials include acting, painting, ceramics, tap dance, piano (along with a bunch of other eclectic instruments), bushwalking, scuba diving, making everything fun, and loving the pants off her kids, her partner and their dog. 


She also has “one of those faces”. At least half of the new people she meets ask Kate if they’ve met before or tell her she looks like someone they know. Maybe you’ve seen Kate before? Or maybe you’d like to say hello at

Erica Edmands

An accomplished lawyer working at the pointy end of workplace disputes, Erica knows a thing or two about human resources, diversity, and inclusion within the corporate space. Research driven and change focused, Erica’s insight and skills run deep in the workplace from gender equity and discrimination to misconduct and driving courageous conversations.

Meet our seriously woo-nderful facilitators & corporate actors

Our diverse, creative, and exceptionally talented team of corporate actors and specialised facilitators bring the magic to Serious Woo’s experiential learning programs.

























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