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ANZ Private - Leadership Development - Customer Experience

A team of 10 actors worked with participants of ANZ Private’s leadership program. After spending a number of days reinforcing customer engagement strategies, we reinforced what they had learnt in one-to-one role-play sessions with our corporate actors.

Through a range of different scenarios, we led participants to make choices on how to approach different situations and later reflect on what went well for them and what they needed to work on.

The participants had prior learning on influencing skills, understanding the need to be able to differentiate their value proposition and actively listening to the customer. They were able to address any shortcomings they needed to focus on when interacting with their clients.

The session concluded with a group forum theatre experience, where the group learned from more experienced leaders as well as contributing to recommended approaches.

Training Difference

The Private Banking leadership team is highly experienced and work with a financially literate, demanding clientele. Significant research and rehearsal was undertaken by the team to ensure that the role play scenarios were credible and our actors were confident in their back stories.

Tetra Map behavioural preferences were weaved throughout the characterisation in scenarios to allow participants to gain confidence in identifying and adapting to different communication styles. The level of difficulty was adapted to the needs and experience of each participant.

The learning is individualised and deeply personal, the collective outcomes increase the ability for the team to collaborate, have the skills to problem solve as well as give and receive feedback and build client intimacy.

Post Program Evaluation

  • Confidence to throw out their agenda when a

    conversation was likely to be different (e.g. more

    emotional) than they had expected, and leaning

    into what the client wanted to talk about.

  • Improved client focus during a discovery session

  • Better at balancing the need for emotional

    connection with the client and focusing on the

    client’s business goals.

Program Objectives

  • Ability to deal with different emotions with

    both empathy and professionalism

  • Skills in differentiating their value proposition

    and meeting the individual needs of the client

  • Supporting their value proposition through

    verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Demonstrate experientially the behavioural

    models learnt throughout the program

High level of receptivity from the top down from ANZ personnel. They respected what we had to offer, both in terms of performance and feedback. They learnt directly about focusing on the client’s business goals as well as building trust with a financial advisor

Serious Woo team leader

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