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Asahi Beverages - Team Building Day

Lights, Camera, Action is a fast-paced, creative challenge for small and large teams.

Choose your theme, and we will guide participants through all aspects of filmmaking in one day.

Participants write, design, produce and perform in their very own short films. The day ends with your mini film festival!

This is a fun and powerful day of team building and improving communication
skills and creative confidence.

In addition, the organisation creates authentic video content around change, brand, and strategy.

Couch Session

The day started much like many conference events.

Trudi interviewed the executive on their change initiative.


But then, through a pre-recorded trailer featuring a number of teammates, they learn of the day’s mission.

Skills Intensive

During the 90-minute skills, intensive facilitators led warm-up exercises and trust-based games to loosen tension and build group unity. They then focused on core skills around:

  • How do I communicate a message?

  • Effective storytelling


Each movie genre had its own costumes, but everyone wanted the pink feather boa.

To the Studio!

Two film crews ran concurrently to capture the magic. Actors were fully supported by a professional director and assistant.

Editing Suite

The quiet achievers of the day. Our editing suite consisted of three magicians with the fastest fingers on the planet. Through each team’s production notes, they chopped, titled and sound effected their way to the end result.

Note to Future Self

After their recording slot, each participant is asked to write a postcard to their future self, reminding them of what they took away from the day. We posted them back 6 weeks later.

“..Quickly immersed themselves in our vision at the first meeting and provided constructive input which further developed it..”
“.. A diversity of imaginative plays demonstrating aspect of the competencies being socialised..”
“..Something never undertaken by our business in this way previously..”
“..A totally stimulating day for all participants..”
“..Having quickly grasped what we wanted to do Serious Woo worked up a complete plan for us to deliver this to 150 people via small focused work groups. This required energy and insight to manage so many revolving groups. It was delivered seamlessly”
“...Serious Woo’s make it happen approach and ethos stood out....”
“..Professionally directed filming of the plays for internal training and team building into the future...”

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