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BUPA - Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

With over 60 aged care homes across Australia, Bupa sought a unified and modernised approach to their internal workshop facilitation.

Seeking a ‘train-the-trainer’ version of their Facilitation Masterclass, Bupa needed an impactful and effective virtual and in-person workshop design.

How We Solved It

Delivering our solution via three 90-minute virtual workshops, Serious Woo approached this grand scale project with enthusiasm. Central to our coaching of Bupa’s trainers was ensuring they had a firm understanding of pre-training education, how to provide a safe environment for their team, maintaining energy and engagement, and understanding different learning styles. Together, we broke down the micro-behaviours and technical skills of a great facilitator, pitch techniques, and how to approach challenging situations - ultimately instilling confidence amongst the Bupa leaders so they could become training and facilitating extraordinaires. By inserting some structure, excitement, and insight into Bupa’s training workshops, the organisation was able to run consistent and successful training sessions moving forward.

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