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Corangamite Shire Council


Podcast program development including:
- Concept development and scriptwriting
- Talent management
- Recording and editing

Team building workshop - Isolation Breakers


ERC Now - Emergency Relief Centre Podcast Program

We love it when clients contact us to say "we want to try something different".

Serious Woo was approached by Corangamite Shire Council who were looking for an interesting way to refresh council volunteers about the procedures around 'ERC Centres' -- or 'Emergency Relief Centres'. These are pop-up centres that open when there are emergencies (such as bushfires) and people need to evacuate their homes.

ERCs are staffed by council employees who volunteer. It may be some time between when they are formally trained to operate the centre and when they have to put their skills into practice.

Rather than flick through an operating manual of several hundred pages, the aim was to synthesise the information down to a critical need-to-know refresher that volunteers could listen to in the car or on their phone on the way to the emergency. We thought podcasts would be a great engaging way for volunteers to listen to important key points en route to the centre.

The podcast format could not have fit the brief any better. Behavioural nudges, (bite-size chunks of information to offer a new and easy way of doing things) are a great way to successfully embed some key learning and encourage behavioural change.

We wrote and recorded 6 different podcasts for each of the different ERC job roles and they are now available for the staff member to listen to as a reminder of the key things they need to do on their way to helping save lives.

Ice-o-lation Breakers - Virtual Team Building

Over the course of lockdown, we enjoyed running a team building event with managers at Corangamite council employing a range of activities from our "Ice-o-lation Breaker" program,

Thank you for such a fun experience! It was very different to what I was expecting but I enjoyed it immensely! I loved interacting and socializing with everyone in the group, not just a usual meeting where one person presents and the rest of us just sit and listen


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