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DELWP - Workshop and Program Design

DELWP was primed to deliver its face-to-face large-scale framework (addressing damage caused to Victoria’s health and emergency services following toxic landfill, chemical waste, and recycling issues) when COVID hit.

Needing the framework to come to life ‘virtually’, Serious Woo came to the rescue.

How We Solved It

Central to our solution for DELWP was to ensure participants were so absorbed in the virtual framework they felt like they were there in real life (not learning from their home office). Our program revolved around an emotive and immersive audio journey (motivating and reminding people of the critical nature of the training) and a 360-degree virtual reality platform transporting participants to the heart of a disaster zone where users could investigate a hazardous space and surrounds as if they were right there. This type of world-leading, virtual learning not only improved content retention and engagement of DELWP participants, but also turned passive consumers into active, experiential learners who could interact and learn in an exciting and cost-effective approach.

Project Gallery

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