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DOXA - Confident Workplace Discussions For Young Adults

Doxa was formed on the single principle that all children, regardless of their backgrounds, deserved to have positive experiences outside the confines of their socio-economic standing.

We supported DOXA during their off-site workshops empowering young people to be courageous at work and develop powerful communication skills.

Through a mix of didactic sessions, one-on-one role play, and collaborative forum theatre sessions, we provided these young adults with a psychologically safe place to practice.

Training Difference

When we get to work and expect managers, leaders, and other ‘people people’ to manage complex conversations around challenging situations with little or no experience. This can lead to compromised relationships with both clients and team members with debilitating and costly consequences. This is especially prevalent with the rise in workplace mental health issues, bullying and discrimination incidents.

The DOXA cadetship students present with various disadvantages including financial difficulty, family trauma, being culturally and/or linguistically diverse, being from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or a refugee and/or migrant background.

We ensured a high level of psychological safety and adaptive approaches to meet with the various needs of the cohort. Experiential learning t works in conjunction with a range of learning styles to very effectively compliment and embed new skills.

Post Program Evaluation

  • Increased self-awareness and an understanding of the origin and presentation of different


  • Improved understanding of communication skills -

    both theoretical and practical

  • Greater confidence in approaching senior members of the organisation and engaging in


Program Objectives

  • Understand building blocks for high-impact

    communication as well as our personal

    stressors during challenging conversations

  • Ability to respond to challenging interactions in

    a safe environment

  • Find meaning and personal relevance in the

    learning process through reflection and active


It was a huge success and very useful. I loved the way you presented, including in the initial parts. None of us had ever seen role-playing presenting and we all agreed that it was really effective. We enjoyed participating but also watching you reconfigure the actors. I really thought it was perfect. I’m not sure that I’d change anything.

Clare, Workshop Participant

Project Gallery

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