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Fitted For Work - Better Interview Skills For Financial Independance

Fitted For Work is a women's charity to support economic independence and empowerment for all women. Serious Woo partnered with the organisation to present an experiential learning component to its ‘Return to Work’ program at Dame Phyllis Frost and Tarrangower women’s prisons.

Focusing on confidence in job interviews, our experiential learning course assisted the women to identify their strengths and weaknesses, elaborating and describe moments of pride in their lives, evaluate their career trajectory, navigate tough questioning and build self-confidence in a trusting and non-threatening environment.

Training Difference

Within the prison system, women are often reluctant to discuss their history or personal information within a group, prohibiting self-learning and effective interview techniques.

With Serious Woo, we adapted the course to use experiential learning. Using an actor who was applying for a fake job, the women were able to remain impersonal by asking questions about the actor E.G. ‘what would SHE say if.....’.

Inverting the learning allowed the women to ask the questions they wanted without exposing them to any vulnerability or personal admission. This trusting, free environment created a space to explore and build confidence without leading women into uncomfortable territory.

Post Program Evaluation

  • An increased sense of self-confidence in their


  • Clarity around how to answer difficult questions

    in an interview situation

  • Improved commitment to regaining


Program Objectives

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and

    understand how to articulate them

  • Overcome nerves and remain calm during


  • Develop confidence when talking about self

I struggle with interviews but I found skills I didn’t think I had. Now I have a better understanding of the things I should be thinking of and doing.

Workshop Participant, anonymous.

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