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Hudson RPO - Building the Skills to Enhance Creative Intelligence

Hudson RPO’s Energy Australia team developed a 2 day off-site entitled ‘Unlearn’. With an emphasis on disruption and thinking differently, they engaged Serious Woo to provide a Creative intelligence – Create to Innovate course for participants to build a language and awareness around creativity within the workplace and furthermore during their 2020 strategy breakouts. By uncovering some of the challenges recruiters face in their day-to-day world, we designed an active, experiential workshop that uncovered participants play styles, increased their physical awareness and unlocked ways to allow the environment, themselves and their colleagues to be conducive to creativity.

Training Difference

Serious Woo designed a highly active workshop, allowing participants took a journey to understand their own behaviours and blockages around creativity.

Beginning with self, then focusing on others and the environment, our approach created levels of awareness to identify and overcome approval/disapproval syndrome which leads to self critiquing and limits innovation.

The team works in a highly scrutinised and process driven environment, therefore tools were shared that could adapt to their working approach.

Our workshop design ensures a high level of psychological safety, customising the activities and ‘stretch’ to the needs of the group.

Post Program Evaluation

  • High level of engagement and participation

  • Increased awareness of the blockers to the

    creative process and how to overcome them

  • Increased ability to actively listen

  • Greater understanding of team ‘play styles’ and

    how to leverage these for greater confidence

    and creative output

Program Objectives

  • Educate participants on science of creativity

    and play

  • Uncover play styles and unlock thinking


  • Refine awareness of physicality and

    breakthrough creativity blocks

  • Understand how to utilise these skills in a work


The session was great and our entire team was so engaged. These guys do a lot of training and were so impressed by the energy and vulnerability of the facilitators.

Recruitment Manager, Hudson RPO

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