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Drawing a line in the sand around unacceptable behaviour - & co-creating an inclusive team

This article was recently included in Serious News - a monthly subscriber email with three topics to en-able your organisation.    Consider-ables are to ponder or discuss, Embrace-ables are to try, Share-ables are things that Serious Woo is up to that may pique some interest.

Over the last 12 months Serious Woo has been facilitating A LOT of workshops around courageous conversations. (Over 40 for the data hungry 😄).

The struggles are real. Lots of stories about being excluded at work, in all sorts of terribly different ways.

Often there is a reluctance to come forward because

  • The wrongdoer has behaved in this way for a long time (and people worked around them)

  • The behaviours seems “trivial” in isolation and people don’t want to appear weak

  • There is a fear that reporting such behaviours will make the situation worse.

Co-creating team norms gives colleagues the opportunity to create a set of agreements around how their team will collaborate and function.

This process gives a team a shared language around the behaviours they want to see and more confidence to call out inappropriate behaviours.

Spending time as a team doing this process can be FUN and has many benefits - as identified by the Diversity Council of Australia below.

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