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Add more Morpheus to your Matrix

Do you remember that scene in the Matrix re: loaded when Morpheus, Neo and Trinity

walked through the foyer of a building and it looked like they were walking in a bubble? You don’t? Did you blink?

I remember. It was a 19 hour day on set with over 200 extras, me included. The scene lasted approximately 2 seconds. It was 2003 and we had to arrive before public transport had even begun it’s morning routine. Shuffled into a giant wardrobe and make up department, we were then ushered into a building foyer where we began our ‘choreography’ training which involved walking in a certain direction for a certain period of time.

My job on set that day was to be a good extra. Utilize patience, understanding, listening

skills and remember to respect anyone whose job skills and description was more complex

than mine. And so I did.

And even though I was a tiny nothing on set – what struck me was actually a feeling of

importance. That I was a tiny cog in a well-oiled machine of team-work.

If you look at the top 10 of kids ‘when I grow up’ dream list, film-making encompasses most

of them. Actor, writer, musician, dancer – there is something magical about watching action

on the ‘big screen’.

Film-making is collaboration at its finest. The mashing together of ideas, passions, skills,

technicalities and abilities to form one seamless product. Like – Matrix Re: Loaded. And it’s

layered. And layered. And layered. A director needs vision; a gaffer needs strength; an

actor needs spontaneity and an editor needs the mastery of technology to splice together

the story.

And this is the reason we developed Lights. Camera. Action.

When businesses talk about strengthening teams, increasing people’s ability to work with each other and blend together different skills, there is no finer way of developing this than through the magic of film. Each team is assigned script writers, directors, actors and work together to complete a final product.

Each role has to balance and work in conjunction with the other. When does the director have a final say? Can an actor add their own lines? Whose storyline is the one to film? And

learning that even a 1 in 200 extra is still an important role is valuable life learning.

And let’s be honest – we've all wanted to BE in the movies at some point in our lives – but when do we actually get the chance??

Well – now you do. And you don’t have to be the extra that spends 19 hours on set to get a taste of the magic. We bring it to you.

We bring you the Matrix. The alternative world. The universe where you make the decisions that all inter-link and effect the outside world.

So we dare you – take the red pill. Change the way you team build. Give us a call.

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