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Connection and Engagement for Virtual Teams

Once a week it's time for your team to take a breath and do something creative and fun online together, in a safe space. 

Team Ice-o-lation Breakers provide  30 minutes of creative fun led by a Serious Woo facilitator. 

But don't tell anyone - each activity is evidence-based and focused on improving communication skills needed in both face to face and remote teams.

We will transport you to a land where divergent thinking is celebrated, ideas flow and creativity is unlocked. Teams get a moment to switch into right-brain thinking, play and experiment together

Our first 4 sessions are designed around the following capabilities:

  • Listening

  • Inclusion

  • Clarity and Messaging

  • Creative Communication

Sessions cost less than a yoga session per participant and will bring more than good karma!

Try a taster, enrol as a one off, or make it part of your team's weekly routine.

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