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Remote Workers need Ice-o-lation Breakers!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Remember when we first went into lockdown? Time has definitely melted into one squidgy mess and while Easter does not seem at all long ago to me, my 12 year old thinks it could not have occurred this year.

We quickly developed the videos (with the fabulous assistance of Matt Quattro from On Q Media) to support people who were feeling the strain of a very sudden and seismic shift into working from home.

If you haven’t checked them out yet you can find them here.

At this time of self-isolation, we could all use a little rest-bite.

We've put together a series of 'Ice-O-Lation' breakers to create some positive disruption to your day. These activities are based around connection and creativity.

Don't worry -- we believe there is always time to connect with those that are important in your life -- from any stage. Thanks to Matt Quattro for the filming and Rodney Iskandar for the surprise guest appearance!

Feeling a little lonely? Wishing you had your team mates with you as you work from home?....well.. pick yourself up, watch this video and never feel lonely in your office again.

New Australian research has identified that more than one-third of employees working from home are suffering from psychological distress, according to new Australian research.

The study of 1,135 participants found that in April and May, 39.3% of those working from home most days of the week reported high or very high levels of psychological distress.

Much of Serious Woo’s work is around critical conversations in workplaces and we have seen the impact that remote work has had on the ability to get things done, maintain engagement and manage wellbeing.

As a response to the feedback from our initial videos, we have created 30 minute team building workshops employing some of our most engaging (and online friendly) creativity games.

These workshops celebrate divergent thinking, playing (and the mistakes we make) and reconnecting with our creativity. Things that can be pretty tough to do in Iso.

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