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Virtual Reality Training That is Impactful and Affordable.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Serious Woo is all about designing experiential learning programs which allow the participant to be 100% involved in creating knowledge that is meaningful to them, through their personal experience. Learning by doing. Self-direction and participant engagement both are absolutely essential for these kinds of learning outcomes.

We did not believe that these goals could be delivered on an online platform.

We did not think our opinions could be changed, but they have been.

So much so that we bought the company!

Well no, they wouldn’t let us, but we are delighted to be recently named the *official training partner* of the SITU 360 platform, enabling us to design and deliver 360 degree and VR

training content to our clients. The training can be viewed via a Desktop, Mobile App or VR goggles.

You may have already experienced 360 degree video via a real estate tour. This allows the prospective buyer to view a property in the way they want, not how the real estate agent wants to represent the space.

A 360 degree training course, induction or workshop turns a passive consumer of learning content into an active and engaged experiential learner who can interact and learn with knowledge “in situ” in the way that is meaningful to them.

And the best news is that while retention is up, production costs are down. It is exciting to be able to offer our clients a better way of online learning for their employees at a more affordable price.

Over the last few weeks, we have developed two 360 degree training experiences.

  1. A fun getting to know you session through a treasure hunt.

  2. Compliance based training for aged care.

Two very different learning experiences, both with a great fit for the medium.

We are excited to be kicking off a complex capability development program this month with 10 government departments and agencies using the Situ 360 platform.

The blended learning model moves beyond the simple transfer of information to provide opportunities to apply learnings in realistic environments. Learners will immerse themselves in their roles, experiencing the real life scenarios they will find themselves in during their usual roles. These immersive scenarios allow the participants to apply their learning and understand how their new knowledge and skills can be utilised in both a risk managed and realistic way.

This is a new world full of endless possibilities (and with perfect timing for our new post COVID world). Please get in touch if you would like a demonstration.


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