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Your creative muse is not at your desk, but it can be found at work.

Who are our creativity killers at work?

  • A smartphone scroll waiting for the conference call

  • The same well trod path to work

  • A well organised desk

  • A relentless meeting agenda

  • Working through lunch

Creative energy lives at the intersection of structure and unpredictability. It's easy to find the structure, but WHERE is the unpredictability?.

It is hard to build a creative workplace culture when so many of our everyday practices and systems suffocate each creative spark. How can we reignite them in a space that has focused on perfectionism, control and linear planning?

Like any lifestyle change, (and we believe a creative life is down simple changes that lead to profound consequences) it is best to start gradually and make sure it is fun.

With this in mind Serious Woo has designed a series of fun, energetic lunch and learns to give you and your team a kick in the creative teeth! Reclaim a your creative muse with a lunch of focused play, creation and (of course) eating with Serious Woo. We use our techniques in play and experiential learning to re-energise the day, week, month with a bolt of creative energy.

Get ready to:

  • Shake off the day and get help with focus

  • Learn triggers and techniques to kick off your creativity

  • Get physical and better understand the connection between mind and body

  • Learn how you operate as a creative being and what might be standing in your way

You will return to your desk, refreshed, more connected with your colleagues and thinking about the world a little differently.

We offer the following Eat Play Create Options:

Be in the running to win your team an “Eat, Play, Create” lunch and learn of your choice.

Simply subscribe to the newsletter and we will draw out the lucky winner in July 2019. Please note that the competition is only open to Australian-based organisations.

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