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Hazardous Waste Management - Virtual Reality Learning Simulation

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Toxic landfill, chemical waste and recycling plants have caused significant damage to the health of our emergency services, local communities and cost millions of dollars in clean up and legal costs for the State Government.

A Coordinated Prevention and Response Framework was developed by the Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning to ensure effective, consistent and timely action by a number of state government departments and agencies with overlapping remits.

The training was planned to take place face to face on-site, until, you guessed it, 2020 occurred. As Victorians faced a long and miserable lockdown, Serious Woo was engaged on the project as both experiential design specialist and content producer.

The brief was simple, “We need this framework to come to life. We need participants to feel moved to employ the framework and feel like they are doing it onsite, rather than in their home offices.”

No problem for us! We started the program with an emotive immersive audio journey that transported participants to the heart of a hazardous waste disaster, to motivate and remind them of the critical nature of the training.

We then brought the disaster zones to their homes through a series of carefully constructed sites shot with a 360-degree camera and delivered via the Situ360 Virtual Reality Platform. Participants could then investigate the space and surroundings as if they were there - no mask required, simply their web browser.

Serious Woo was able to deliver a highly immersive, participant-led experience that meant no delays to their training schedule and the ability to use the training for as many workshops as they wished.

For more information on our Experiential Learning services in the VR Space, download the brochure below.

Real World in Virtual Reality - Overview
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